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In a world full of stimuli, multiple offers and how to purchase our philosophy it is that the realization of an important space and often unique, such as housing, can not do without a careful assessment of individual needs.

Whether it's a house, an office, a studio, a construction site, from a hotel or any other commercial or residential space, we are able to offer advice to 360 degrees on the choice of products and materials, on their application uses, on laying or installation options, depending on the durability of the different contexts of use: we want to support you to make the best choice depending on your needs.

Our facilities are complimented by products of the best known national brands in the industry-house, who choose BARRELS as a quality retailer and reliability: bathroom, kitchen, floors and walls, doors and windows, heating and air conditioning, spa, outdoor furniture, solar thermal and wellness.

Our customers, aided by the experience of our sellers, not only can choose from thousands of high quality products, but are followed at all times thanks to innovative services, such as rendering, made to order to ensure an experience of exclusive purchase. Of receipt in the showroom, advice on products, the choice of the optimal mode of payment or the most suitable solution to the budget available, post-sales support, to the management of any problems that arose after the purchase.

To provide a lasting and qualified support in the time we hold the memory of the history of our clients' purchases, so you can always support both in maintenance and in the modification of materials and product candidates, today there are more than 79,000 people who have given us confidence, between companies and individuals, and each of them is important to us. So our database is a resource that enriches and enhances our customer care activities, always punctual and dedicated to the support of those who have chosen.

The people at the center of everything. For this reason we are convinced that innovation also steps from the formation of our employees. Our real added value. We believe in relationships and in human relationship and that's why every year we invest time and resources in our men and our women: for every employee we devote on average about 260 hours of training a year. In the last three years, for the training of our employees, we have organized:

- 36 training events from the technical point of view and knowledge of the materials for a total of 1,800 hours / year
- 22 commercial meetings and communication for a total of 1,500 hours / year